Agricultural Screen 农屏, 2020

Fabric, aluminum profiles, LED, plastic cable ties, 1x1m, ARCHIVE Studio & 3ge3 project

This was a design commission I undertook during my internship at the architectural studio. The fabric image, 'Indian Pine,' was derived from artist Guan Xiao's installation work, 'Agriculture Story.' The image consists of test block images, the earliest ones used for hyperspectral image classification. Captured by an infrared spectrometer in 1992, the sixteen crops in the area were marked with distinct colors, arranged in geometric shapes within a 145x145 grid. The ancient and traditional foundation of agriculture, under the influence of emerging technology, transforms into visualized data: precise scales and vibrant color blocks, immortalized by Guan Xiao on expansive fabric.

Combining the received fabric with standardized, easily disassembled aluminum profiles, I designed a standing screen – an artificial scenery within urban living spaces. This turns the 'product' into a better conveyer of information. While providing a pleasant user experience, it might also provoke contemplation on the inherent relationship between emerging technology and primitive ecology, contemporary production, and the natural world.